Yan Xu

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I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam and Tinbergen Institute, specializing in Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, and Decision Theory. I will join the department of economics at the university of Vienna in fall 2020.

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Working Papers

Measuring tastes for equity and aggregate wealth behind the veil of ignorance ( with Jan Heufer and Jason Shachat )

Abstract PDF Slides AppendixI AppendixII AppendixIII

Is social preference behind a veil of ignorance the same as risk preference?

Simple bets to elicit private signals ( with Aurelien Baillon )

Abstract PDF Slides Poster

Two betting mechanisms elicit unverifiable truth when agents do not have a common prior and are not risk-neutral.

Revealed preferences over experts and quacks and failures of contingent reasoning (draft by request)

Abstract Slides

Can we distinguish experts and quacks? Are we over-paying for quacks and under-paying for experts?

Will bayesian markets induce truth-telling? —An experimental study

Abstract PDF

An experimental test of a market-based elicitation mechanism for private signals.

In Progress

Revealed preference over lotteries on a probability simplex ( with Jason Shachat )

What does the indifference curve look like in a probability simplex?

Correcting the Bayesian truth serum for risk attitudes

A betting mechanism extends the application of the Bayesian truth serum for risk-averse (loving) agents.